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Employing bold candour and brazen wit, Michael Lewis regales his reader about the new culture spawning the financial spectrum across the globe – a culture of uninhibited and vulgar greed. Manifesting itself in myriad ways such as Leveraged Buy Outs (“LBO”); collaterised mortgages and hostile takeovers, the unashamed purveyors of this culture remorselessly plough along leaving in their trail a ruinous wake.

Michael Lewis provides a no holds barred vantage view about the motives underlying the blitzkrieg deeds of the Kravises; Milkens’; Wassersteins and Ross Johnsons of todays Corporate World. He also gleans out a few incredulous facts regarding the influence of this insidious culture on countries such as Japan (in particular) and those nestled within the confines of Europe.

A must read for all interested in the affairs of the peddles of high finance and unscrupulous deals!

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