Memorials Don’t Matter; Memories Do

“Be warned”, they said, “you are entering the portals of abominable hell. No house of horrors can compete with this.” There was derision writ large on their experienced, freckled and wise faces. We knew not whether they had the prescience regarding shows on Netflix. But for them Orange was forever the new black. A black no détente or olive branch could ever lighten. There would be no doves to cry.

As Virinchi and I made our way into the war memorial housed within a marble façade, we realized that memorials do not matter as do memories.


This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw.

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The credit for the breathtaking photograph goes to Rochelle Wisoff

8 thoughts on “Memorials Don’t Matter; Memories Do

  1. Dear Venky,

    Yes, it’s the memories that matter. So many of those are fading.
    A bit of confusion here. I took the photo from Google Maps and this challenge is What Pegman Saw and not Friday Fictioneers. For this one I’m merely a participant. I enjoy this one because I get 50 more words to play with. 😉 If you go back to the link up and click the first link with the little yellow man you’ll find the rules.



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