The Ash Remedy

(Custer State Park, Black Hills, South Dakota | Cassie Dahl, Google Maps)

Setting his tent adjacent to the ponderous ‘Ponderosa Pine’ tree, Venky plonked  himself down and look a long, hard and introspective swig from a jumbo sized can of Heineken.  Ash had warned him about the Board room battle. While he was prepared for a bout of acrimony what had rattled him was a full blown brawl where two groups of Private Investors shrieked, scratched & set about each other’s hoarse throats – literally & threateningly!

Signing off the papers that provided for divesting his stake, Venky literally bolted from the roiling Board room, scrambling to the nearest airport and booking himself on a flight to isolation. Now a fervour of anticipation gripped him as he waited for Ash to arrive. Her soothing presence would be the panacea for all ailments.

Immersed in her thoughts, Venky didn’t notice the dangerous branch directly above him that had detached itself from the tree…

(Word Count: 149)

This has been an edition of What Pegman Saw

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10 thoughts on “The Ash Remedy

  1. Oh, poor little Venky, he just can’t catch a break these days. Great story, and I’ll erect an invisible sheild around his camp… that ought to protect— Ah, I may have been too late…oops. Great story!

    Liked by 2 people

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