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A Champion’s Mind: Lessons from a Life in Tennis – Pete Sampras, Peter Bodo

by Venky

0036Pete Sampras – A legend with a hangdog expression calmly decimating his foes on the court with utter disdain. What is it that lies behind this poker faced demeanor and the unblinking exterior that put paid hopes to the plotting of an Agassi, the passion of a Becker and the penchant of a Safin?

In this riveting autobiography, Pete Sampras with the able assistance of Peter Bodo bares it all. What he has to say jolts the reader out of his reverie! Pete Sampras is a bundle of raw emotions, as vulnerable as his opponents and as prone to mental turmoil as any other sportsman. But what makes him stand apart from his contemporaries, peers and past masters is an unrelenting determination to make the grade and stay on top!

The book is a refreshing work of honesty. Whether while articulating his legendary rivalry with Andre Agassi, or laying out the low down concerning his relationship with his eccentric first coach Pete Fischer (who ultimately was sentenced on the grounds of child molestation), Sampras is the epitome of frankness and forthrightness. The tempestuous events surrounding Tim Gullickson’s untimely death and Sampras’s dating his soon-to-be wife Bridgette Wilson all make for some memorable reading.

An indispensable read for every Sampras fan!

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