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A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire #5)

by Venky

The 5th and most current book in the Game Of Thrones series, but by no means the last! In this mind numbing installment, George R.R.Martin, the ‘Issac Asimov’ of Fantasy denies the reader closure and instead delivers a humdinger of a dangling suspense. A Lannister on the run with his blood thirst sister relentless in pursuit; A Barratheon bent upon staking his claim for the ultimate prize in the form of the Iron Throne; A Targaryen continuing her dalliance with dragons; a Stark stolid in his intent and action in protecting the Wall and a Greyjoy reduced to a poor shadow of his true Ironborn self, all play havoc with the senses and sleep of the reader.

Throw in wily wargs, gentle giants, scheming sorcerers, egregious eunuchs, mysterious maesters and scavenging sell-swords, the recipe for disaster is well and truly complete. The narrative is impeccable, the savage twists incredulous and the depth of imagination close to impossible.

‘Winds of Winter’ – cannot have you sooner! Long live George R.R.Martin! 

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