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A Storm of Swords (A Song of Ice and Fire #3) – George R.R. Martin

by Venky


Joffry,the sadistic Lion of Lannister sits atop the Iron Throne. However uneasy lies the Head that adorns a Crown. The boy King is harried and hassled by a horde of gallant contenders and gristly schemers alike. The Sinister Stags of Barratheon, the Wounded Wolves of Winterfell, and the Deathly Dragons of Targaryen, plot, plead and punish as each strives to outwith the other in playing the Game of Thrones.

In George R.R.Martin’s third installment of the series, daggers collude with dragons; women bed wildlings; Karstarks kill Knights; siblings scour sex; brothers betray their brotherhood and eunuchs sway the fat of Empires. A epic of such immense sweep that makes the reader oblivious to night and day; food and drink; work and weather – and still leaves him gasping for more! Watch out for the unthinkable epilogue!

A Storm Of Swords – A stab of glorious pleasure!

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