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by Venky


(PHOTO CREDITMichael (Black) Ritter pexels-photo-41506)

Pattern and symmetry characterized the brown condominium constructed within the ‘gated cities’ of Dystopia summarizing an era where self conjoined into structure and spontaneity got sacrificed at the altar of servitude. Tonald Drump, the sanctimonious demagogue-turned-playboy-turned-mechanistic custodian of Dystopia had decreed that every habitable piece of dwelling in the country of which he was the ultimate ruler should bear one colour and one shape alone. Regimentation was the rule of day and this rule was stringently enforced by a phalanx of robotic troops imaginatively named “ALTER-RIGHT”.

While being black was akin to God playing dice, the world was barricaded from Dystopia by huge sprawling walls erected along its expansive borders. Travel and Transport embargoes meant that the doors of Dystopia were barred to specific religions, caste and creed as per proclamations issued by its monstrous Protector of Faith Administrator, Bene Shannon.

Every citizen had to kneel at designated times three times a day look up and with arms stretched outward, shout “Hail Tonald” thrice. White clothes unfurled at windows signified acts of genuflection (carefully monitored by hidden cameras) within.

After every bout of hailing, Aldous retreated to a closet and read one particular passage from a banned book, “1984”.

This story has been written as part of the FLASH FICTION FOR THE PURPOSEFUL PRACTITIONER- 2018 WEEK #34 Photo Prompt, more details about which may be found HERE

The photo credit is due to Michael (Black) Ritter pexels-photo-41506

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