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An Impulse Well Considered

by Venky

(Photo Credit: Yinglan)

The Gods were in some frosty Saturday mood. When Mika and Venky reached their usual rendezvous, they found their favourite benches frosted over with a liberal covering of snow.

Delicately balancing their steaming hot Caramel Macchiatos and Blueberry Muffins, they traipsed over the soft ground leaving behind them trailing footsteps.

“Are you really going away?” Venky asked, a part of him already knowing the dreaded answer. “Is this not an impulsive decision? After all you are changing continents and not just countries.”

“Do you realise how ridiculous you sound” Mika responded with a frown.

A brief silence enveloped the duo as talking was substituted by forced slurping and chewing.

For a fleeting couple of seconds their eyes met.

“If only you could change your obstinate mind just stay put here, you little sparrow”, thought Venky to himself as a sudden burst of melancholy coursed through him.

“If only you could muster the courage to just ask me to not leave” ruminated Mika to herself.

“Heaven Freezes over” said Venky as the snowfall resumed.


This story has been written as part of the FLASH FICTION FOR ASPIRING WRITERS – FFfAW Challenge #192, more details about which may be found HERE

For reading similar entries submitted in response to the FFfAW Challenge #192 please click HERE

Thank You Yinglan for the photograph!

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