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Ancient Ice – Golriz Golkar

by Venky

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An excellent introduction to children on the concept of climate change and the crucial role essayed by ice sheets and glaciers in the prevention of global warming, Ancient Ice by elementary school teacher and an Ed.M. in language and literature from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Golriz Golkar is a splendid read for the young and old alike.

Supplemented by absolutely breathtaking illustrations. Courtesy Getty Images, NASA Earth Observatory Images etc, the book admirably succeeds in whetting the appetite for curiosity in young and inquisitive minds. Ancient Ice begins with an ominous statistic – fewer than 30 out of 150 glaciers remain standing at the Glacier National Park in Montana. If that was disheartening, then brace yourselves for a grimmer prospect. The remaining glaciers are also expected to completely melt away within the next three decades.

Golkar concisely elucidates the importance of glaciers on and for Planet Earth. Not only do glaciers provide an invaluable source of drinking water for millions of inhabitants, but they also contain within their confines some astonishing clues about the effects of climate change. For example, the presence of glacial dust would reveal the existence of a desert in the past. Glaciers also assist in helping the Earth remain cool. The sheer white colour of a glacier means that extra light from the sun is also reflected into space.

The best part of Ancient Ice that resonated with me personally is the DIY experiments that are a mix of both Science and fun. For example, intrepid kids using a few chunks of ice and blue food colouring can create their own glacier and then experiment upon it by exposing glacial block to sunlight, adding salt to it, and pouring hot and cold water alternatively on it.

Golriz Golkar, ably assisted by Dr. Leigh A. Stearns, Professor Department of Geology, University of Kansas has produced a book that would provide lots of joy and knowledge to many a kid and parent.

(Ancient Ice is published by Capstone Press and will be available for sale beginning 1st January 2024).

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