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BlogchatterA2Z 2019: Theme Reveal

by Venky


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Personally, writing for me has been an exercise in excelsis. While the art of writing itself infuses me with a joy that is unadulterated, imbibes in me a passion that is pure and inculcates a habit that is lasting, I realised that this very act of putting pen to paper was incomplete without one very vital tenet – feedback. Any feedback loop takes the concerned system output into consideration, thereby enabling the system to adjust its performance to meet a desired output response. Blogging is no different from any other system that is amenable for constructive criticism and feedback. Blogging establishes an unbiased and impartial ‘connect’ with fellow bloggers of various hues and cry thereby enabling a blogger to assimilate a stunning smorgasboard of ideas, suggestions and ingenuity.

This thirst for continuous improvement has spurred me into taking up the Blogchatter’s A2Z Challenge for the first time. With a paradoxical feeling of both confidence and caution, I signed up for this daunting challenge.


This is an ingenious blogging challenge, nay, pilgrimage, where bloggers are required to blog a post every day in the month of April (except Sundays). Every such post corresponds to a letter of the alphabet- thereby making it one post for every alphabet. The blogger is provided the luxury, or the intimidation (whichever way one deems to look at it) of identifying a theme of hi or her choice. So without further ado, let me proceed to reveal my chosen theme. Please click on this link to explore other bloggers, and follow them as well, in the event, their preferred themes appeal to you.


Books. Being an inveterate, impossible and incorrigible reader, I have decided to embark on a theme that would have at its edifice a review of 26 favourite books of mine. Each book review would be a sequential categorization wherein the title of the first book with begin with the first letter of the alphabet and so on until the exhaustion of all 26 alphabets. Thus: “Read and Review 26”

Looking forward to your support, succor and most importantly, invaluable feedback! Till such time we meet again on the 1st of April!


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crimsonprose March 24, 2019 - 6:53 am

You know I shall read, and comment, and give feedback. Though, my apologies, I shall not participate, my schedule already overflowingly full. Wish you well with it. 🙂


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