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Code Name God : The Spiritual Odyssey of a Man of Science by Mani Bhaumik

by Venky


Employing a unique blend of heady Quantum Physics and holistic Philosophy, Dr.Mani Bhaumik strives to bridge the gap between Science and religion. Trying to demonstrate that the philosophies of Buddha are not in conflict with the propagation of Niels Bohr and that Plato and Penrose have a common confluence rather than an apparent contradiction, Dr,Bhaumik links the advance of science with the eternal effervescence of spirituality.

Tracing his own humble beginnings from a mud floor in the village of Tamluk in Bengal, to a meteoric rise which saw him own 5 mansions, including the most popular “Bel Air”, the pioneer in laser surgery (commonly known as LASIK), threads a brutally frank and unabashed journey involving spectacular soirees, delectable dalliances and unashamed accumulation of wealth. However what gives Dr,Bhaumik the ultimate solace is the realisation concerning the meaning of life triggered by an awakening of the omnipresent ‘consciousness’.

While some of the concepts dealing with Quasars, negative energies and force fields are straight out of the realm of Captain James Kirk and his ubiquitous ‘Enterprise’, there is no esoteric ‘Star Trek’ involved when the author deals with his experiences concerning meditation and the search for truth. The simplicity gleaned from being in close proximity with Mahatma Gandhi for a brief period and the valuable lessons learnt from the stellar sacrifices of a doting grandmother who made over her own meager morsels of food to her aspiring grandson have all stood Dr. Bhaumik in excellent stead.

The story of a boy who took poverty head on, survived a raging epidemic and carved out a spectacular niche for himself (even appearing in a TV show concerning America’s Rich and Famous) before looking within makes for some introspective and inspiring reading.

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