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Decide: Work Smarter, Reduce Your Stress and Lead by Example by Steve McClatchy

by Venky


Employing the simple tool of a calendar as an able ally, Steve McClatchy exhorts the reader to make the transition from a capable manager to a transformer (not the Optimus Prime breed though). The effectiveness of a leader is simply the cumulative outcome of his decision making skills. Decisions are essentially of two generic kinds – decision to do a particular thing, or a decision to not do a particular thing.

However at times there are acts which one ‘need not do’, such as influencing societal transformation by engaging in change management programmes, mentoring juvenile delinquents etc. which when willfully performed have the impact of genuinely lifting the professional and personal prospects of an individual.

McClatchy categorises decisions into those which when taken will result in a credible gain (eg. writing a book; joining a movement etc.) and decisions which are taken to Prevent Pain (eg. paying the utility bills on time, turning in a report within stipulated deadlines, honouring client commitments etc.). Most of our time is spent in attending to the Preventing Pain decisions, whereas the Credible Gain issues are discarded for a more suitable occasion.

McClatchy insists that our concentration must equally be directed towards those decisions that result in credible gains as well and lays down very simple and fundamental guidelines towards traversing such a path.

Decide – an antidote to indecision!

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