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Dracula’s Tickle

by Venky

(Bran Castle, Romania | Google Maps)

“So Romania it is”, exulted Parveen with undisguised glee and enveloped Mika in a bear hug. Even though Mika lost out on her choice of destination she had no choice but to be taken in by the enthusiasm of her best friend.

Days that had melted into months, were spent planning this trip. It was tough to coincide the schedules of a certified Scuba Diving instructor (Parveen) and an accredited Pilates trainer (Mika). A draw of lots ensured that Romania won over Latvia. It was Dracula over the Vecriga.

Around 1.00 A.M the tickling began. Parveen woke up to what sounded like squeals. A sleeping Mika was giggling away wildly flailing her arms and thrashing her legs. Both amused and amazed, Parveen shook her companion awake.

“Dracula tickled me” laughed Mika and at that moment Parveen’s legs turned to water as she saw her friend’s pupils go an angry crimson.

(Word Count: 150)

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