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Frith’s Encounters by David Frith

by Venky


Author of 36 books on cricket, an inveterate memorabilia accumulator (with letters alone exceeding a whopping 6,000), founder of the Wisden Cricket Monthly and a rapacious knowledge of the game all make David Frith a phenomenon when it comes to the world of cricket.

In this wonderful work, Frith recounts his unforgettable as well as forgettable (a rarity) encounters with the greats of the game, its chroniclers and administrators. The gallery of greats not only reads like a veritable who’s who of cricket but also throws up one or two exceptional talents long obliterated by the collective memory of cricket followers. From Bradman to Eddie Gilbert (an Australian aborigine and a fiery bowler with a suspect action), from the princely May to the petulant S.F.Barnes, the book contains gems of rousing reminiscences and raw passion.

This is David Frith being David Frith!

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