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Grey Mountain by John Grisham

by Venky

Samantha Kofer’s world, one fine day, turns upside down. The 29 year old high flying associate in the world’s largest Law Firm gets a rude jolt, when consequent to the fall of Lehmann Brothers and the resulting financial crisis, she is placed on ‘furlough’. Samantha has to work as a volunteering intern (sans pay) for a period of 12 months before her former employer reverts with a possibility (howsoever faint) of offering her a job at the firm.

Post receiving refusals from a whole horde of non-profits, Samantha finally lands a position at “Legal Aid Clinic” a non-profit legal firm at Bray, Virginia. Nestled amongst the azure and serene setting of the Appalachian Mountains, Samantha expects to fulfill her role in a sedate and silent manner before scurrying back to Manhattan.

The Legal Aid Clinic is run by a feisty group of women led by the ebullient Mattie Wyatt, aided ably by Annette. Their portfolio of cases range from domestic violence to preparation of wills. However an important segment of their clientele represents the many unfortunate coal workers/miners suffering from the fatal black lung disease as a result of a sustained and prolonged exposure to coal dust.

When Samantha gets acquainted with Donovan Gray, an aggressive lawyer and nephew of Mattie whose single handed objective seems to be taking on the cartel of the coal mining companies and their lawyers, things take a grave turn. Brady is no longer the tranquil, timid and scenic place of bliss that is seemed to at first!

“Grey Mountain” – Heights of capitalistic greed and deceit

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