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Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep by Michael Schulman

by Venky


If Hollywood is an Empire, then Meryl Streep is its unquestioned and highly decorated empress. A very institution of acting, this legendary actress has a record breaking 19 Oscar nominations, in addition to bagging the statuette three times. Capable of seamlessly transforming herself into any character, Meryl Streep is versatility unbound. In this short Biography, Michael Schulman prises out the evolution of this natural artist beginning with a break out performance as the Octogenarian Constance Garnett in a play. Streep’s hellish stint at the Yale School of Drama with the authoritarian Brustein at the helm, her friendship with Albert Innuarato, Joseph Papp and Wendy Wasserstein, her ill fated and tragically short lived love affair with the brilliant and brooding John Cazale, all make for some enthralling read.

Schulman captures Meryl Streep’s pulsating and visceral spirit beneath the acting veneer where pain translates to purpose and cast becomes a consequence. Whether as Joanna Kramer locking horns with the intimidating Ted Kramer (Dustin Hoffman) in “Kramer v Kramer” or as Linda trying to pit her might against Michael “Mike” Vronsky in (Robert De Niro) in “The Deer Hunter”, Meryl Streep has not only managed to hold her own against a phalanx of acting greats, but has also managed to create her own niche and pedestal in the world of Cinema. With one breathtaking performance after another, Meryl Streep has come to be universally acknowledged as the Queen of Perfection. Michael Schulman reinforces this fact incredibly well in his work.

“Her Again” – A deserving tribute to the genius of Meryl Streep.

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