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How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life -Scott Adams

by Venky


First, let us get some inconvenient truths out of the way. I am not even a fan of ‘Dilbert’, let alone an incorrigible fanatic. In fact, most of the times I find the cartoon to be a condescending strip masquerading and showboating as a medium of art.

However, heaping scorn of Scott Adam’s work would only be akin to converting an innate bias into an irrational prejudice! Adam’s has done a fantastic job with this book. As professed and reiterated by himself, this is neither a self-help book, nor a to-do-guide for instant fortune and instantaneous fame. It is refreshingly much more than that! The candour and confidence which Adams instills in the reader with his own experiences as useful focal points is contagious.

Dwelling on affirmations and debating on diet, Adams remarkably demonstrates that success in life does not rely upon acts of esoteric proportions and incomprehensible sacrifices. All it takes for life to make a subtle shift from agony to ecstasy is a simple concoction of confidence, ability, self-belief and hard work. Of course a big dollop of luck does aid and abet the cause just as well. Citing his own failures at multiple ventures and also referring to his inspirational story in overcoming a speaking disorder, Scott Adams exhorts and spurs us all to never let go of a sharp focus on our future aspirations.

How to fail……. – Pathway to success!

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