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How To Have A Beautiful Mind by Edward de Bono

by Venky


In this thought provoking book, Edward De Bono emphasizes the necessity behind acquiring a mindset that is intuitive, sharp and as the very title of his work suggests, ‘beautiful’. Postulating a theory that sport ought not to be the singular prerogative of the body, but has to be a logical extension of the mind, the author proceeds to justify his claim by resorting to a great man practical suggestions and experiments.

A quintessential theme uniformly running throughout this interesting book, is the role played by conversation. It is conversation which to a great extent determines (in tandem with action) the day-to-day course of our existence. This conversation has the powerful potential to influence us in either an adverse or fruitful manner. Conversation is a confluence of thought and emotions. Channelising this formidable tenet, in the most appropriate manner would lead to beneficial results over the long run.

Written in a very pleasing-to-the-eye style, the book encourages the reader to fine tune and tweak his or her thinking habits in ways that seem simple, yet fundamental.

“How To Have a Beautiful Mind” – Worth possessing

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