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Human Universe (Wonders of Brian Cox #4) by Brian Cox, Andrew Cohen

by Venky


We, as a humanity have made an extraordinary and epochal transformation from ‘ape-man to space-man’ (in Professor Brian Cox’s own words). But how did this stupendous change take place? What significant events occurred that made such a breathtaking evolution a reality?

Questions such as these are the preserve of “Human Universe”. Professor Brian Cox and co-author Andrew Cohen go back in time and also in space to chart out the wonderful path of human evolution from primate to astronaut. During the course of traversing this long and fascinating path, they also acquaint the reader with heroic individuals whose indefatigable passion to the Sciences shed precious Light into the formation of mankind.

While the book on the whole is extremely illuminating and at places, even profound, there is no doubt that some of the chapters could have been made more simpler instead of being shrouded in technological esoterica. For example, the passages dealing with Yukawa Couplings, Gluons, and Quantum Physics challenge the intellect and endurance of the reader no end and a layman might well be forgiven for giving up in unavoidable exasperation!

On the whole this is a book worth reading and more importantly worth possessing. It acts as a trusted springboard for all those desiring to whet their appetite on a dose of Human Evolution and an understanding of the Universe.

“Human Universe” – Ought to be universally recommended.

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