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I Don’t Want to Move

by Venky

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A heartwarming and faith affirming story that will act as inspiration for children and parents alike, Carolyn Watkins’ “I don’t Want to Move”, makes for a very positive and optimistic read. Little Charlotte’s parents are moving, and this means parting with her trusted set of friends, bidding goodbye to her lovely old school and getting acclimatized to a totally different set of friends and a “silly new” school. A pizza party followed by a sleepover with her friends gives Charlotte only a few temporary hours of relief. However, a combination of supporting parents, a proactively friendly classmate Janelle, and some wise words of the school counsellor ensures that all’s well that ends well for Charlotte and her family.

Using exquisitely created illustrations, courtesy, Emily Hercock, Carolyn Watkins demonstrates how children can be assisted to come out of their comfort zone and explore new possibilities and experience new potentialities. Even though an ultra slim book primarily catering to kids, “I Don’t Want to Move” is an ennobling addition for parents as well.

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