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In a Flight of Starlings: The Wonder of Complex Systems – Giorgio Parisi

by Venky

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Nobel Laureate Giogio Parisi’s slim volume attempting to explain the meaning of Science and the wonder of Complex Systems proved to be bewilderingly arcane for my humble brain. Hence instead of conveying my helplessness in the form of prose, I decided to review the book in verse:

“We can conjecture that the quantum void is superconducting.”

I furiously scratch my scalp and such misconduct almost draws blood.

Reading that in a spin glass model forces between ‘spin couples’ orient toward the opposing.

Realisation dawns that I have and will always be the unwise in the neighbourhood.

Strange but alluring diagrams aesthetically named Ising lattices.

Punctuated with black and white dots connection between which seem ethereal.

Fractal figures of invariant scales staring at which makes me feel like the emperor of novices.

Enlightenment that some stuff can be asymptotes (whatever the blazes they are) makes me wonder it this is all spiel.

But there are some lovely takeaways few and far between such as the marriage of Science with metaphor.

And the absorbing study of murmuration of starlights and their astonishing grace

Humorous references to Einstein’s painter whose fall gave the Scientist’s mind a spontaneous rigour.

Assertion of the need for humility in science, and a need to respect one another’s space.

Overall “In a Flight of Starlights” had me materially flabbergasted.

I can only congratulate Parisi wholeheartedly on winning the Nobel for Physics.

Chapter after Chapter passed by in a whirl as my brain and senses alternately undulated.

To bring myself back to sanity, I am off to review a book solely meant for kids.

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