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Inside Story: Politics, Intrigue and Treachery from Thatcher to Brexit

by Venky

One of the finest journalists of our times regales us with a power packed, fast paced, flowing narrative chronicling the topical events to have defined the course of English politics over the last half century. Ranging from the hubris of Thatcher to the ungainly occurrences leading to Brexit, Mr.Philip Webster lays bare before us an intriguing political theatre where unpredictable dramas involving Shakespearean protagonists and antagonists are played out defying logic and imagination.

The chapters are controversial, illuminating and revealing. Mixing a wicked sense of humour with passages of grave import, Mr.Webster demonstrates his singularly unique and unparalleled skills which have combined to make him a man to be reckoned with and whose words contain a bearing that is greatly influential. Having access to the inner circles of Prime Ministers, Opposition Leaders and politicians of every ilk has surely helped Mr.Webster in his cause to bring news of gravity to people across the country and the world.

Mr.Webster also provides an enlightening overview of the ethics and propriety that needs to be inculcated by a reporter as he goes about plying his wares. Protecting and preserving the confidentiality of the sources of his information, intimating an affected source about any impending news of negative import that might have an adverse impact on his personal or professional career and ignoring rumour mongering occupy an important place in the book.

“Inside Story” – an exquisitely written memoir

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