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Jack Hobbs England’s Greatest Cricketer by Leo McKinstry

by Venky


61,670 runs at an average of 50.70; 199 centuries and 273 fifties make Jack Hobbs the absolute don of the statistical spectrum in cricket. Devastating on the field and dignified off it this legend strode the cricketing world like a colossus brooking no opposition and breaking every possible record. In this magnificent chronicle of the life and times of Hobbs, Leo McKinstry enthralls the reader by transporting him/her back into time – a time which when viewed with the fanatical cricket lover’s mind’s eye allows the re-creation of the fantastic batting and fabulous fielding of McKinstry’s protagonist. The sure technique, strong hands and stealthy movements while fielding all flash by in nostalgic waves. Of particular brilliance is the description of Hobb’s opening partnerships – initially with the Yorkshire giant Wilfred Rhodes; later with the Irresistible Tom Hayward and an unsung hero Andrew Sandham and finally with the illustrious Herbert Sutcliffe, whose association with Hobbs transcended the mere notion of partnership and became a veritable English Institution. There are cricketers who are respected and regarded highly. However it is a mere handful who merit the honour of being revered and of such a handful, Sir John Berry Hobbs stands at the very pinnacle! This book is an indispensable read for both the self proclaimed as well as the well acclaimed cricket fanatic!

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