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Killing Floor (Jack Reacher #1) by Lee Child

by Venky


In this breathtaking crime thriller, Lee Child introduces to the world the suave, sensational and sexy ex-soldier, former Marine, current drifter and arguably one of the most alluringly dangerous protagonists in the history of crime fiction – Jack Reacher. The sleepy town of Margrave is well known for the fleeting but tragic presence (six decades ago) of a very talented but blind musician ‘Blind Blake’. But the anonymity of this nondescript place is going to be shattered when jack Reacher innocuously steps off an interstate bus looking to gain as much information as possible about Blind Blake. He only has a few leads shared by an elder brother, who has not been in touch for a substantial period of time.

Jack Reacher’s idyllic wanderings come to an abrupt and undesirable end when he is arrested by the Margrave police on suspicions of a homicide. Things take an absolutely murky turn, when the town is rocked by a series of horrific homicides, each one infinitely more brutal than the immediately preceding massacre. When the identity one of the unfortunate victims is revealed to be Joe Reacher, the elder brother of Jack Reacher, the former Marine decides to make the investigation personal and when Jack Reacher goes searching for revenge, a natural concomitant of such an endeavour is a stockpile of bodies and a torrent of blood and gore.

Add to this a steamy affair with Officer Roscoe and a mysterious presence of a high profile banker called Hubble, what the reader has in her hands is a fiction of ‘unputdownable’ magnitude. This is a book that needs to be put away in a single session of sit down, although yours truly was precluded from accomplishing this on account of an untimely medical exigency.

In conclusion, please do procure a copy of this book provided you have time and inclination to do justice to the book. for if you start reading this, you are only going to put all your other priorities to some serious peril!

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