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Luck: What It Means and Why It Matters by Ed Smith

by Venky



Ed Smith was a budding and talented English cricketer whose hopes for an extended international career were put paid by a freak ankle injury suffered while playing for Middlesex. Undaunted by this set back, Smith substituted a pen for his trusted willow and is currently flourishing in his second avatar as a leading writer for the prestigious ‘The Times’

In this arresting work, Smith takes up in earnest the concept of luck and the influence that wields in the life of a human being. Are we justified in cocking a snook at luck and relegating it to the confines of the unreliable? Or are we deliberately, albeit unsuccessfully blind in recognizing the powerful as well as the pernicious outcomes that can be carved out by luck or chance?

These are some of the interesting questions to which Smith tries to seek out plausible and rational answers. In the process he proceeds to postulate incredible theories, interspersed with incredible real life experiences (including those experienced by him personally).

You will never employ the term “luck” in a loose fashion ever again

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