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MEOW is NOT A CAT – Kelly Tills

by Venky

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This rib-tickling picture book by author Kelly Tills, has at its epicentre a hyperactive kid named Meow and his cat that is not named Meow! A chirpy, mischievous and ever moving kid, Meow is a veritable headache to his teacher. Meow is also a very intelligent and “questioning” kid. For example he wonders why one ought to remain quiet when a sign says “keep left?” isn’t it enough if I observes the instruction and stays left? The sign does not order one to either remain silent or stay in line.

A visit to the zoo with his teacher turns out to be a hilarious circus of sorts as Meow begins snatching bananas from the monkeys bolstered by a reasoning that the ill mannered monkeys do not have a sharing bent of mind. What could have turned out to be a disaster ends happily courtesy a quick thinking idea of Meow himself!

The book in a gentle and comical way is a lesson to parents and teachers to not lose patience with children who are hyperactive. Talent ought not to be compromised and snubbed away under the pretext and glare of judgement.

(“MEOW is NOT A CAT” by Kelly Tills is published by FDI Publishing and will be available for sale beginning 12th April, 2022)

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