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Method to the Madness

by Venky

(Photo by Joshua Freake on Unsplash)

With the devil perched behind one ear and doubt assailing the other

An unrepentant world looking like a hotbed of curve balls

One can be forgiven for assuming oneself to be the boy on the burning deck

Sinking as an option never looked more viable

Swimming is for the foolhardy and the unthinking cement heads

But the world has a storied history of memorable tryst with blockheads

Who possess an ability to accomplish the impossible with aplomb

So venture ahead with neither fear nor hesitation

May The Force Be Always With You!

(Word Count: 92)

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt #309

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1 comment

poetisatinta April 30, 2023 - 4:17 am

I think he’ll need it 😊


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