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Mind Shift – Erwin Raphael McManus

by Venky

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Erwin Raphael McManus‘ profile terms him a mind, life and cultural architect. A well acclaimed author as well as the founder of and lead pastor in Mosaic, a global spiritual movement, McManus has risen from a humble beginning as an immigrant from El Salvador to a leading humanitarian figure and a creative mind whose clients include the NFL and the Pentagon.

In his latest book -the size of the work makes it more a tract than a book – McManus demonstrates to his readers the unlimited potential and possibilities which an individual can experience if he/she takes some small and incremental steps to bring about a “MindShift”. Hence it comes as no surprise that McManus’ work is titled “Mind Shift.”

McManus sets out a dozen “mental structures” that would usher in a physical, spiritual and mental change in the reader and act as a harbinger of good tidings. McManus lays down the terrain by placing people at the very first mental structure. “It’s All About People” has at its nub the need to preserve, maintain and cherish precious relationships. Accumulation of physical and material wealth at the cost of losing people who matter the most, is no achievement.

With real life examples and an easy-on-the-eye narration, McManus devotes, at the maximum, just 5-6 pages per mental structure. “You Can’t Take Everyone With You” takes recourse to the author’s own life experience to illustrate how hard it is to please everyone and why such an endeavour should not even be attempted. When McManus decided to change the location of his Church Mosaic, to Hollywood Boulevard from Los Angeles, families that otherwise had sworn allegiance to the Church refrained from moving. but ultimately the benefits in terms of empowerment outweighed the costs of loyalties lost.

Conviction, confidence and character form the bedrock of the Mindshift/mental structure titled “You are Your Own Ceiling”. Even in the face of the harshest limitations imposed by the world upon one’s aspirations, if one was to continue in an unrelenting fashion no success would remain just a dream. As a migrant from El Salvador, McManus was on more occasions than one deemed to be genetically inferior and incapable of demonstrating leadership abilities since he was a “Latino”. But he shrugged away all those remarks like a duck shrugging water off its back. He is now a much vaunted and wanted public speaker who has toured more than seventy countries.

“Mind Shift” is an encouraging primer to get one’s priorities, programmes and passions back on the right track and to accomplish one’s desires. However, such accomplishments should never be at the cost of hurting or wounding the genuine sentiments or feelings of fellow human beings

“Mind Shift” by Erwin Raphael McManus is published by Convergent Books and would be available for purchase from the 3rd of October 2023 (tentatively)

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