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Mommy, Look At Me! – Alexandra Santana

by Venky
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A heart warming comic book that not only illustrates the precious and beautiful relationship between a daughter and her mother, but also underscores the importance of patient and encouraging parenting. As is the case with every growing child, the daughter’s aspirations and ambitions change every single day almost and her mother unrelentingly keeps encouraging her. For example when the little girl says that she is going to be a veterinarian in future, her mother urges her to demonstrate empathy towards animals.

When the daughter’s concentration shifts to becoming a gymnast, her mother exclaims in delight that she would be seeing her on television. When she wants to be a teacher, Mommy instructs her to teach her students “kindness and strength”. But ultimately her mother teaches her always to remain true to herself and ends by saying whatever she aspires to be, she will always be her loving daughter.

(“Mommy Look at Me!” by Alexandra Santana is published by Indigo River Publishing and will be available for sale on the 22nd of February, 2022)

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