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Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut

by Venky

The unsurpassed purveyor of the satire once gain delivers in inimitable and hard hitting fashion. Writing in a style distinctly ‘Vonnegut’, one of America’s greatest ever novelist wades into the hypocrisy of both the horrors of war and the farcical rigours of post war ‘justice meting methods’.

Cocking a snook at totalitarianism, fascism and banana democracies, Kurt Vonnegut wades into his attack and pulls every possible punch. Each one of those punches connect and how! The story of Howard Campbell Jr, employed by the Nazi Department of Propaganda during the Second World War is morbid in its humour, mesmerising in its plot and methodically clinical in its execution.

Encumbered within the confines of a jail in Tel Aviv and awaiting trail under the allegation titled “commission of crimes against humanity”, Howard Campbell Jr chronicles the events leading to his capture. The narrative reeks of gallows wit and is rife with essential wisdom. The cast of characters is a dizzying assemblage of human foibles, unrepentant deceit and remorseless selfishness!

Mother Night – Essential Vonnegut!

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