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Opportunities: A Handbook of Business Opportunity Search by Edward de Bono

by Venky


The pioneer of Lateral and Parallel Thinking, Edward De Bono in this handbook, provides practical and radical steps to institutionalise the procedure of ‘Opportunity Search’ within an organisation. The book itself is divided into three sequential parts (even though the reader has the luxury of choosing to directly move to the third part post completing the first).

The first part deals with the attitude of different types of leaders (train driver leader; farmer leader, fisherman leader etc). De Bono goes on to identify the various blockers that create distinctive hurdles in engaging in search for opportunities in these leaders.

The Second Part serves as a practical manual for institutionalising opportunity search. Establishment of an Opportunity Audit team, creating a stand alone Opportunity Manager position and the periodic conduct of an Opportunity Audit are some of the mechanisms proposed by the author.

The Third Part, using a blend of symbols and check lists professes to be a goading instrument in nudging the readers to optimise the process of opportunity search. Radical ideas such as ‘provocation’; ‘wishful thinking’; ‘stepping stones’ etc are laid down for enabling a dedicated and thorough search for both short term and long term opportunities.

“Opportunities” – Makes sense to grab with both hands!

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