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Piper in the Woods by Philip K. Dick

by Venky


The most modern and important garrison of earth outside our Planet is stationed in Asteroid Y-3. Every modern marvel known to Science finds a place in this garrison. However the peace and quiet of the garrison is given a ‘tranquil’ jolt when young and able station officers, men and women begin to think of themselves as plants! As this seemingly biological impossibility takes a turn for the worse with men and women lounging on boulders under the sun with their mouths open, Dr.Harris is summoned on an urgent basis to reverse this catastrophic emergency. Upon putting one subject to intense psychological evaluation employing the “shock box”, Dr.Harris to his astonishment learns that his patients are being influenced by people calling themselves “Pipers In The Woods”

Who are these mysterious individuals? Will Dr.Harris succeed in putting paid to their hopes of transforming an entire garrison of strong human beings into docile and lazy vegetation?

Philip K.Dick the Master of Science Fiction dazzles us with his wild and riotous imagination, that is both scintillating and scary in equal measure. And as is usually the case, the ending is one heck of a humdinger!

“Piper In the Woods” – No tune for a peaceful sleep!

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