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Pitchforked by Fate

by Venky

(Bridal Veil Falls, Utah | Nelson Barber Google Maps)

“Stand with your back to the cliff”, she sagely instructed all the while dabbling with the photo lenses of her newly acquired Canon EF70-200mm.

Mother Nature was at her resplendent best. While a brilliant proliferation of yellow and orange carpeted the valley, an expansive blue sky provided a breathtaking canopy.

All the dreaming, scheming and screaming that had preceded the planning and execution of this trip was beginning to pay rich dividends.

“Any flaws in my pose, my Princess?” Vic laughingly asked.

Walking close to him, Ash flattened down his upturned collar, leant close to him and whispered in his ear, “You have outlived all your poses”.

A ferocious kick aimed at his ribs sent Vic flying head long over the cliff. Ash calmly proceeded to take a couple of clear shots of his horror stricken face as he went plummeting down like a ragged doll.

(Word Count: 150)

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