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Reclaiming Our Roots

by Venky

With requisite precautions and a bit more

We headed into the vaccination centre with hopes galore

Courteous staff symbolising behaviour exemplary

Discharging their responsibilities with an almost selfless glee

When these gallant frontlines, to save humanity are pulling all stops

The least we can do is to diligently abide by all the prescribes SOPs

We are all in this together in our fight to revert to a world that is normal

In an expectancy to welcome times in which we can truly revel

So its time for us to stop behaving like uncivilized brutes

Instead follow our roots.

wk 217 requisite

(Word Count: 98)

Sammi Cox Weekend Prompt#217

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1 comment

crispina kemp July 14, 2021 - 3:05 pm

Impressed. This has an almost medieval feel to it


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