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Saul Bellow’s Heart: A Son’s Memoir by Greg Bellow

by Venky


Saul Bellow’s mesmerising and deep thinking works have won universal acclaim and some eminent literary luminaries also credit this prolific author as having changed the landscape of American Literature. In this unbiased, candid and reliable memoir, Greg Bellow the son of the late Nobel Laureate throws open some of the most private facets about his famous father.

Relying on a storehouse of fond and forgettable memories and a healthy dose of passion, Greg produces for scrutiny and introspection, Saul Bellows the man as divested from Saul Bellows the author. A compulsive philanderer of women, a man vehemently allergic to criticism and the possessor of a foul temper, Saul Bellows embodied the unmistakable component of human complexity. Nursing paradoxial view points regarding the same subject matter, jumping into and out of four tumultuous weddings and harbouring a volatile realtionship with his many children (characterised by love and disdain in equal measure), Saul Bellow is as mystifying as some of his own protagonists in the trail of bestsellers that he has left us to savour.

For any Saul Bellow fan, this biography is a must read.

“Saul Bellow’s Heart…” – Makes a lasting impact.

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