by Venky

Tracing the tendrils of cigarette smoke wafting up into thin air

An overwhelming loss scythed through him as he stared into the harsh sun’s glare

While the dead stay alive in eternal sleep, the living are but the disguised dead

The most powerful and profound words are those that remain unsaid

There wasn’t no time for fear or anger or even to let loose a helpless sigh

Nor was left a dreaded little note with just the word ‘goodbye’

Like the ravaging silence that follows a heartless wrecking storm

Mindless of his silent tears and anguished pleas, she just decided to be gone.

Oblivious to the trickling sand in the hourglass of passing time

Living blissfully enraptured in a fateful song with its own haunting rhyme

“It just takes a spark to ignite a burning flame” once said a man of eminence

Woe betide the one who creates the innocuous spark, but fails to assimilate the flame’s essence

Engulfed by a burning inferno, he was the ill-fated Dante about to lose his Beatrice

Totally incapable of creating a ‘Divine Comedy’ to even explain his caprice

Like a graceful eagle which with strong wings, soars high and on and on

On a bright and sunny morning, she just decided to be gone.

People covet the most which they know they will never get

Still driven by burning desire and a raw passion that knows no let

The moment he set sight on her, for him it was a Faustian bargain

Where pleasure was the same as pain and pain fused into false gain

Why don’t people refuse to realize that they do have a choice?

Does something scramble up their thinking, something like pure white noise?

On a day when the mist faded and the sun came blazing out from its horizon

Leaving him high and dry, she just decided to be gone.

When the time for him to meet his Maker finally came

Fluttering eyelids barely remaining open, his quivering lips uttered her name

A sudden voice resonated from deep within and he felt a new hope surging on

“She was always within you and where else could she have even gone!”

A tired but radiant smile across his peaceful countenance broke

Before his eyes finally closed on life’s material yoke

The voice became a visage and the visage beckoned him to follow on

“All along it was you who willed that I just be gone!”

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