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Teddy and the Great Flood – Katarina Macurova

by Venky

This is my first attempt at children’s fiction and little did I realise that this was a picture book. However, suffice it to say it is enough to enrapture any child and her imagination. Due to an unintended lapse by Teddy, a teddy bear (what or who else can Teddy be), in not turning off the hose, an entire garden is converted into a teeming, throbbing mass of aquatic life.

The art is exquisite and the curious and weird expressions on the creatures’ faces undoubtedly induces a smile in the reader. I was cackling away myself at the entry of a blue whale. A blue whale! In the garden! At the back of one’s house! Ridiculous, but fantastic

A very humorous and refreshing read!

(Teddy and the Great Flood by Katarina Macurova is published by Windmill Books and will hit the bookshelves on the 15th of August 2021)

Thank You Net Galley for the Advance Reviewer Copy

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