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The Culture Code: The Secrets of Highly Successful Groups

by Venky

“The Culture Code” seeks to unearth the secret behind a quintessential question that has been a quandary spanning geographies, time spans and intellects – “Why are some Groups more efficient than the rest?”. In this book, the best selling author of “The Talent Code” attempts to unravel the mystery and makes a commendable fist of it. Relying on scientific, meticulous and measurable research and results, Daniel Coyle goes into the very core of what makes a team click.

Citing a range of examples from the seemingly ill-organised but powerfully cohesive team spirit coursing through the acts of a group of kindergarten kids to the practices followed within the locker room of The All Blacks, Coyle demonstrates that every team can aspire to succeed and succeed in a big way.

A must read for all those who are either part of a team or are responsible for managing one

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