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The Elements of Style (Elements of Composition Series) by William Strunk Jr., E.B. White

by Venky


“The Elements of Style” is a timeless classic. The first edition of this enduring epic was published in 1919. The author William Strunk Jr. used the book as a reference for teaching the nuances of English to his students at Cornell University. Since the passing of Professor Strunk, the task of revising and updating the book was undertaken by his able pupil Elwyn Brooks White. Almost a century has gone by since this book first saw the light of the day. The passing years have not diminished the value of this tiny book which can be safely tucked into a trouser pocket. “The Elements of Style” has become an indispensable tool for anyone aspiring to write in English. The book has attained such legendary folklore that in literary circles, it is popularly referred to as “Strunk & White”.

Using compelling rhetoric, the book introduces to the reader 11 elementary rules of usage, in addition to elucidating 11 more principles of composition. These rules and principles serve as a reliable beacon to any writer putting pen to paper. Adopting a mix of humour and stern warnings, Professor Strunk (who had this unique habit of imparting key instructions to his students by repeating them thrice) warns the reader of some common follies and easily cultivable, albeit undesirable writing habits that needs to be abhorred with determination. E.B.White’s bonus material on an Approach to Style (with some reminders) is an added encouragement in the Fourth Edition of this book.

“The Elements Of Style” – Read it; Re-read it and NEVER stop reading it!

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