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The Gardener’s Son: a screenplay by Cormac McCarthy

by Venky


In this deeply unsettling and original screenplay by one of the most renowned authors of our time, raw and contradictory human emotions tug and pull to create a confounding situation of pain, greed, deceit and death.

Robert McEvoy, a restless, energetic and impulsive youth leaves home after an unfortunate accident that leaves him crippled. William Gregg an egregious, arrogant and well-to-do young man is the owner of a mill in which Robert’s father is employed. When Robert’s mother takes terminally ill, he is sounded out to return home. Return he does, but not to a peaceful and serene home, but to an environment blackened by slander and sleight.

Robert’s pent up rage manifests in the most inhuman of ways thereby putting paid to many an aspirations nurtured by both the Gregg and McEvoy families.

“The Gardener’s Son” – a bloom of perdition!

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