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The Giver (The Giver #1) by Lois Lowry

by Venky

Jonas’s world is orderly, patterned and gloriously stereotypical. In his settlement, structure represents substance. Days, nights and hours are established mores with specific programmed patterns. Jonas, oblivious of human emotions and bereft of all passions finds his very utopian existence jolted, when at a ceremony to commemorate his Twelfth Birthday, he is selected by the ‘Elders’ to be the ‘Receiver Of Memories’.

When the wise and benevolent ‘Giver Of Memories’ leads Jonas into a world of colours, pain, pride, pleasure and passion, Jonas’s cozy, hollow and artificial existence is wrenched away until he feels an unbearable need to escape his ‘settlement’ serenity. As he slowly understands the value of ghastly terms like ‘release’ etc. abandonment of the present becomes more an inevitability than an option.

But the consequences of Jonas’s decision reverberate with immense danger, incredulous risks and inordinate mental and physical agony. Can Jonas overcome this seemingly insurmountable hurdle?

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