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The Hanging Stranger (Illustrated) by Philip K. Dic

by Venky


After a hard day’s work at his basement, Ed Loyce starts his Packard and drives in the direction of his TV Sales Store. In the City Square he is startled to find a haggard bundle hanging from the solitary lamp-post beside the drinking fountain. A closer examination reveals the horrifying fact that the ragged bundle is indeed that of a dead man in a state of advanced death and decay.

As Loyce loses his composure becoming hysterical, he is amazed to view the sense of tranquility prevalent upon every face excepting him. Passersby move hither and thither barely pausing to glance at the grim and gory spectacle. Loyce’s trepidation transforms into downright horror when he sees a mass of men resembling grotesque flies sail down from the skies supported by huge wings.

Will Ed Loyce succeed in unraveling this seemingly inexplicable and downright bizarre phenomenon? Who was the unfortunate soul that was left to hang in the middle of a city square? The answers to these questions leaves the unsuspecting reader shell shocked and pole axed!

“The Hanging Stranger” – Veritable tribute to the human imagination!

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