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The Kill List by Frederick Forsyth

by Venky

Kill List

The Master of his genre is back again and how! In this taut-nerved, spine tingling page turner, Frederick Forsyth enthralls us all (yet again) with a thrilling piece of original story telling. A spate of suicide killings targeting eminent personalities both in the USA and the UK leads intelligence agencies to an elusive but dangerous terrorist who is known simply as “The Preacher”. The title is a euphemism for the radical sermons dripping with hate delivered online from an undisclosed location which has the evil impact of radically transforming otherwise docile people and consequently making them commit acts of pure and perceived vengeance.

The United States Intelligence service has a list known as “The Kill List”. Privy only to the eyes of a handful of individuals this list consists of some of the most wanted terrorists deemed to be harmful to the interests of the United States. The elimination of these wanted men is authorised directly by the President of the United States. In no time, as could be expected the Preacher finds himself at the top rung of this hit-list.The job of assassinating the Preacher is handed over to a US Marine going by the imaginative name of “The Tracker”. The Tracker’s identity is concealed and his existence barely known.

As The Preacher carries on with his hate campaign in unrelenting fashion, The Tracker must leave no stone unturned in his mission of tracking, finding and killing the nemesis of the United States. The journey of the Tracker takes us to the official settings of the MI5 in England to the pitiful sub-human conditions of Mogadishu, with detours at dark alleyways in Karachi and sprawling hotels at Dubai. The narrative is fascinating and the plot addictive. This is a book that has to be devoured in one long, undisturbed, tense, enjoyable, suspenseful, single sitting. Precisely what yours truly did!

“The Kill List” – Marked for the bestseller charts!

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