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The Sins of the Father (The Clifton Chronicles #2) by Jeffrey Archer

by Venky

Sins of the father

The saga of the Cliftons and the Barringtons surges ahead in Jeffrey Archer’s sequel to the bestselling “Only Time Will Tell”. Tom Bradshaw awakens on board a ship after narrowly escaping death when “Devonian”, the ship on which he was employed gets torpedoed by the Nazis. However a shock is awaiting Bradshaw as the moment he embarks on the shores of the United States of America after a refreshing convalescence at sea, he is handcuffed and put behind bars on the charge of murder. Meanwhile, across the sea Giles Barrington pays heed to the call of duty and joins the Armed Forces and prepares to face the might and wrath of Hitler’s armed forces. Emma Barrington gets ready to visit the United States of America as she is both beset by anxiety and filled with hope.

But who is Tom Bradshaw and what is his link with Harry Clifton? Why is Emma Barrington in such a tearing hurry to make her way to America in the middle of a World War that is threatening to engulf the Planet in a smoke of perdition?

Archer, continues from where he left in the first Clifton Chronicle. The plot is tightly knit and the mystery keeps gnawing at you, goading, egging and spurring you to finish page after page and chapter after chapter. However a few outcomes are to say the least predictable and take on a run-of-the-mill hue. This is in no way detracting from either the quality of the story nor the authenticity of the characters. The killer element in the second Clifton Chronicle however is the treatment by Archer of the devious Hugo Barrington. Giles and Emma’s father is a hotbed of convoluted thinking and cunning conspiracies. The blood curdling manner in which he manipulates both characters and circumstances to suit his needs only goes to add credibility to the mastery of Archer as a best selling author.

Pulsating, gripping and fast paced, “The Sins of The Father” further carries the Clifton Chronicles into territories uncharted.

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