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There are no Dragons in This Book

by Venky

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Donna Lambo-Weidner‘s first picture book, “There are No Dragons in this Book”, is a hilarious work that is superbly complemented by the illustrations by Carla Haslbauer. Narrated from the perspective of a mischievous dragon “in denial”, Lambo-Weidner’s story deals about some of the mayhem created by a dragon going about its business in a perfectly normal way.

Holes in walls, huge orange flares, gargantuan claws and a spiky tail are all bit perfectly natural phenomena which people are wont to experience every day. Why blame such sightings on a poor non-existent and innocuous dragon? Does such a creature event exist? Or is it the human imagination running riot when there are actually no dragons whatsoever running through the pages of the book?

“There are No Dragons in this Book” is a very apt book to be read to and along with kids to the accompaniment of what I sure would be more than just a bout of spirited and spontaneous guffaws!

“There are No Dragons in this Book” is published by NorthSouthBooks Inc and will go on sale from the 5th of March 2024.

Thank You Net Galley for the Advance Reviewer Copy!

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