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Venky Speaks – The Weekend Diaries

by Venky

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Here we are again, looking behind at 7 days that seem to have passed by us in a veritable blur. As we look ahead to what in all likelihood would be 7 absolutely fruitful days, here’s encapsulating the moments, memories and melodies of a week gone by:

Quote of the Week:

“The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.”” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Song of the Week:

“Volunteers” by Jefferson Airplane

Almost a clairvoyant clarion call, “Volunteers” is more a metaphor for our rapidly changing world than a clever assortment of words. Buffeted by Climate Change and polarised by echo chambers and sock puppets, “Volunteers” is an exhortation to birth change.

Podcast/Talk of the Week:

“Introducing Dreamtown: The Story of Adelanto” – A Crooked Media Production

Reporter David Weinberg, in a riveting fashion recollects the consequences when a city on the verge of collapse tries to reinvent itself.


Movie/Show/Series of the Week:

“Working: What We Do All Day” on Netflix.

A four-part docuseries, directed by Caroline Suh and starring Barack Obama, (who incidentally also doubles up as the narrator) “Working” explores the quintessential purpose of work in an America defined by change and redefined by rapidly evolving values. Jonathan Silberberg; Tonia DavisLaurene Powell Jobs Trust

Article/Longform Article/Blogpost of the Week:

“How did BYJU’S get in trouble with the term Loan B” by Pradip Kumar Saha writing for The Morning Context , A Technology, Media and Telecommunications Magazine

An investigative and no hold barred piece that chronicles or continues chronicling the travails of India’s biggest ed tech firm that seems to be mired by insufficient financial disclosure and finds itself facing multiple lawsuits from lenders.

Book of the Week:

Amma Vandhaal (“Mother Arrives”) by the late Thee Janakiraman

Controversial, convulsive and cathartic, “Amma Vanthaal” by acclaimed writer Thee Janakiraman leaves the reader with haunting and unshakeable memories. A story of remorse, repentance, reconciliation and recognition, “Amma Vanthaal” picks the bones off an unsuspecting reader showing neither mercy nor gentleness.

The complete review of the book may be accessed at:


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