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Weekend Ruminations of an over wrought mind – 25th June 2023

by Venky

(Photo by Georgia de Lotz on Unsplash)

In the wink of an eye, seven days are taken away from us by the ravages of time. However, the pillager has been magnanimous enough to leave in our possession a week’s worth of sight, sounds, smells and smiles. Here’s encapsulating yet another period that has sped by us at the veritable speed of light!

Quote of the Week:

“The last thing I ever wanted was to be alive when the three most powerful people on the whole planet would be named Bush, Dick and Colon.” – Kurt Vonnegut

Song of the Week:

“Fear of The Dark” by Iron Maiden

An unabashed, unfettered and unparalleled tribute to the genre of heavy metal, “Fear Of The Dark” is signature Iron Maiden. The crazy guitar riffs, powerful vocals and the pounding beats of the drum all contrive to make this song an indelible and enduring hard rock classic that would stand the test of time!

Podcast/Talk of the Week:

“The Literature of Cricket – Our Favourite Books and their Complex Heroes” – Cricket with an Accent Podcast

A riveting podcast hosted by Saqib Ali, “Cricket with an Accent” holds forth on anything and everything closely and remotely connected with willow and cherry. The episode referred to in this blog throws light on some gems by way of cricketing literature. Recommendations that would be the envy of any bookshelf or mantle.

The Literature of Cricket – Our Favorite Books and their Complex Heroes – Cricket with an Accent Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

Movie/Show/Series of the Week:

“Extraction 2” on Netflix

The ruthless mercenary and former Australian Special Forces legend, Tyler Rake us back after escaping the jaws of death by the barest of margins. His current assignment, rescuing his ex-wife Mia’s sister Ketevan and her two kids, Sandro and Nina. Imprisoned in a high security prison along with Ketevan’s dangerous husband Davit, Ketevan’s only hope is Rake. In a high octane drama, Rake manages to pull of the impossible. Or does he?

Article/Longform Article/Blogpost of the Week:

“Can India Become a Green Superpower?” – Arunabha Ghosh founder CEO of Council on Energy, Environment and Water, writes for the Foreign Affairs Magazine

An expertly insightful piece, “Can India Become a Green Superpower?” delves in an unbiased and pragmatic manner into the potentials and pitfalls as India embarks on an ambitious programme to attain Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2070. While the path is ripe with opportunities it is also fraught with practical impediments, as one of the most cutting edge minds in the field of Renewables highlights.

The complete article can be accessed at:

PressReader.com – Digital Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions

Book of the Week:

“Children of Dune” by Frank Herbert

The third installment in the gripping “Dune” saga, “Children of Dune” has as its critical loci, Leto and Ghanima Atreides, twins and the children of Paul Atreides or Emperor Paul Muad’Dib. Its now just a year short of a decade since Paul mysteriously vanished into the dunes of Arakkis. The reigns of the House of Atreides are now firmly in the hands of Paul’s younger sibling, Alia. A woman with a dangerously manipulative bent of mind, Alia could prove disastrous to the future of the twins, who like their father possess some extraordinary skills of the supernormal.

Arakkis is also racked by an internal rebellion, in addition to facing a formidable external threat from House Corrino. The heir apparent to the House Corrino, the young and intellectual Farad’n nurses ambitions to be crowned all-encompassing Empire and will stop at nothing to fulfill his aspirations. If bodies need to fall in this endeavour, they liberally will!

Leto and Ghanima need to find a path that would steer arakkis out of potential perdition. But their jaw dropping plan has every chance of backfiring….

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