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Where Anticipation meets Ant Infestation

by Venky


It was with a great surge of anticipation that my trusted friend Bushan and I landed up at this quaint home stay in Ipoh. Located at Pasir Puteh the setting sure looked serene and tranquil from the outside. When we were ushered into our designated room by the ever helpful and always smiling caretaker, Anil we were impressed by the tastefully decorated room. But our joy was short lived as we found out to our chagrin that both the Air Conditioner and the Fan were refusing to co-operate with us in warding away the sweltering anger of the Sun!

Room 2

A phone call however resolved the issue as the management was benevolent enough to ‘upgrade’ us to a different room. The alternative resting place was also quite aesthetic in its look and feel. One could instantly decipher that a substantial time had been spent in conceptualising the design and decor.

Our stay however was marred by an unanticipated and unexpected encounter. When we retired for the night, we were mercilessly pounced upon and ravaged by a huge squadron of red ants. Happy 8 was for us during the course of the night a Scrappy 8! Slapping, Scratching, Scrambling and Shouting (at times alternatively and at others simultaneously), Bushan and I were like unfortunate gladiators thrown into the game pit of an otherwise beautiful and covered Coliseum. Swellings and scars later, we welcomed the sunrise. As we disposed the bodies of the ants with the Spartan like attitude, we trooped into the common dining area for breakfast.

This was the best part of our stay. The finest thing to look out for in Happy 8 is the cooking of Anil! The spread was an exquisite wrap filled with egg and bacon (for vegetarians there is a vegetable wrap) with Omelettes, Toast and Coffee.


On the whole this was a trip that left us with a “could-have-been-better” experience.

To sum it up: Things to look out for: The art decor and the location; a luxuriant tortoise wallowing in a small pool outside the “Frangipani” room

Put-Offs: A.R.M.Y A.N.T.S!!!

HAPPY 8: Abode of aesthetic nature and Angry Ants!

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