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World Gone By (Coughlin #3) by Dennis Lehane

by Venky


In a thrilling finale to the Coughlin saga, Dennis Lehane presents to us a world torn apart by cause, contradictions, and consequences. It has been a decade since the universally feared Coughlin has left behind the more gruesome and explicit sins of his past. But he has not completely abdicated the call of his profession. Still loyal to his extraordinary friend and mafia boss, Dion, Coughlin runs the works for Dion in the capacity of a trusted advisor. Hence when a convicted murderess sounds Coughlin out with the stunning information that there has been a contract on his head whereby he would be assassinated on Ash Wednesday, (neither a day earlier nor a day later), Coughlin’s existence is racked with suspense and fear. Not only does he need to fend off the potential killer but he also needs to ensure that his nine year old son Tomas is insulated from any possible type of danger. To add to the existing heap of troubles, Coughlin also starts seeing the ghost of a young boy whose appearances although not following any predictable pattern still sends a shiver down his spine.

Will Coughlin be successful in racking down his killer? Will he be successful in putting together the puzzling pieces behind his sighting of the strange vision of the young boy? Dennis Lehane does a masterful job in this gripping page tuner which has an incredibly unpredictable twist in the climax!

“Days Gone By” – A thorough entertainer!

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