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Zion Learns to See: Opening Our Eyes to Homelessness – Terence Lester; Zion Lester

by Venky

Using a community centre as an example, Dr. Terence Lester, minister, speaker, community activist and the founder of the non-profit organisation, Love Beyond Walls, illustrates the perils and pitfalls of homelessness before providing valuable examples of how each one of us can contribute our mite to mitigate this pernicious evil if not obliterate it completely.

Lester ought to know about the travails of homelessness since his own non-profit organisation has at its nub alleviating the plight of people suffering from the blight of not having a roof over their heads.

In Zion Learns to See, Lester uses the real-life example of his own daughter Zion who took an avid interest in her dad’s efforts towards aiding the homeless. The book, containing some compelling illustrations by Subi Bosa, an illustrator of picture books, reveals how Zion’s attitude towards life undergoes a paradigm shift post a visit to a community centre along with her father. One small act of generosity leads to another before a cascading movement involving Zion’s entire school takes root.

Zion Learns to See is a very invaluable addition to parents trying to inculcate the quality of altruism into their offspring.

(Zion Learns to See is published by InterVarsity Press and will be on sale from the 12 March 2024.)

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